Sonic Underground Lyrics
Sonic UndergroundIntro SongWhen Tomorrow ComesEpisode Song
Have you got the 411?Episode SongI've Found my HomeEpisode Song
Money Can't BuyEpisode SongJust like down on the ByouEpisode Song
Let the Children Light the wayEpisode SongFace your FearEpisode Song
We need to be FreeEpisode SongListern to your Heart GirlEpisode Song
Society GirlEpisode SongBuilt for SpeedEpisode Song
Let's Do it To it!Episode SongYou can't own everything!Episode Song
Never Give UpEpisode SongI wish I could go FasterEpisode Song
Not What they seamEpisode SongTake a ChanceEpisode Song
Where there's a will, There's a wayEpisode SongCosmic DanceEpisode Song
Being a Kid is coolEpisode SongTrue Blue FriendEpisode Song
We are Sonic UndergroundEpisode SongPart of the ProblemEpisode Song
I can Do that for youEpisode SongNo-one is an IslandEpisode Song
SomedayEpisode SongLearn to OvercomeEpisode Song
HarmonyEpisode SongMobuis SongEpisode Song
TogetherEpisode SongHow you play the GameEpisode Song
Don't be a BackstabberEpisode SongWe're the Sonic UndergroundEpisode Song
Never EasyEpisode SongFun in the SunEpisode Song
Someday [Have it all Again]Episode SongJustic CallingEpisode Song
Sound of FreedomEpisode SongLiberty RocksEpisode Song
Don't Let your Guard DownEpisode Song
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Faster then HeatPoemSuper SonicSong
Way Past CoolSongFastest Thing aliveIntro Song
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Look-a-likeOutro Song
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You can do anything [Sonic Warrior]Intro SongCosmic Eternity [Believe in yourself]Outro Song
Sonic Boom [Opening Version]Intro SongSonic Boom [Ending Version]Outro Song
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You're My HeroOutro Song
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Can you feel the Sunshine?Level SongLiving in the City!Level Song
Back in TimeLevel SongWork it Out!Level Song
Dimonds in the SkyLevel SongSuper Sonic RacingLevel Song
Number OneOutro Song
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Sweet Sweet Sweet (Japanese)SongSweet Dreams (English)Song
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