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Japanese Sonic Comics
printable version
Right now, when it comes to the Japanese Sonic comics, there is a problem..

One guy HAS, somehow, gotten hold of a hold bunch and is doing a fairly good translation job on them, but (and I need to point this out) he isn't translating these taking the target audience into account. What does this mean? well.. there are bits of swearing, where more 'tame' words could have been used that still give the true meaning. This isn't uncommon in this kind of translating. I have seen Kid shows translated for a more grown up crowd, so they don't mind putting stronger words when a simple 'damn' or 'darn' would do. When I do my work, and work with translators, I do take this target audience into account and pick the words that give both a correct translation, and the true meaning.

Now, the other problem seams to be his e-mail address.. While I'm pretty sure I got it right, i haven't been able to get any reply to my e-mails when i ask if I can both use information on his site (and a couple of images where needed) and any information he might have, to help fill out TESP's Section on the Japanese comic. This has left me in the situation that I need to either use the information without asking, which i don't like to do if possible, or keep trying, OR (third option) just not have too much information..

Of course, at the moment, I seam to kept putting it off..
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Posted on 19 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Cover Prices
printable version
I've started to add Cover Prices to the Comic information pages. the Cover Price is featured on the overview (quick look showing all the issues) and when you look at a certain issue on its own. So far, the following is done:
STC - All Issues
STC Poster Mag - All Issues
STC Specials - All BUT Total Sonic Special
Archie - Limited Series - All Issues
Archie - Knuckles Mini - All Issues
Archie - Knuckles Regular - All Issues
Archie - Sally Mini - All Issues
Archie - Tails Mini - All Issues
EDIT: Sonic Der Comic - All Issues
Sonic Der Comic - OmniBus Special
EDIT2: Archie - Sonic Quest - All Issues
TournonEgmont - Both Known Issues
SemicAS - Issue 5 & 6
SemicAB - vol 1 Issue 3
RizzoliEgmont - Issue 4
Misc - Sega Visions issue 7

I think that's all for now.
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Posted on 19 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Sonic 2 CRASH
printable version
Is anyone else getting ripped off with sonic 2 CRASH? I have dash and its great with megadrive sprites and all, yet despite being shown (with no disclaimer) that crash should be equal to this, it always comes out as the worst 'downed' graphic version which has less colours, no Tails, smaller sprites and much less detail in even the background images. I can understand these worst quailty ones for phones with smaller res and less memory but i can happly use the megadrive full version. Be warned!
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Posted on 14 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Few things
printable version
Tweaked about with a few things the last couple of days which aren't of much importance but that bit i want to talk about is the Level information!

As i type, only one level is working but atlest 6 should be done by the end of the day. When you see the level list for levels in a game, if the name is a hyperlink (Underlined) you can click on it, to be taken to the Level information page, where you will find a large screenshot, and various bits of information about that level. A few things need to be worked on (like linking up the Badnik list to it, and Boss Guide, and working on an Animal list that is clickable with images). Anyway.. Currently, it gives teh following information:
~Screenshot from Level
~Level Name
~Level Location
~Level Describion with brief History
~Level Trivia
~Animals to be found in the Level

Keep checking to see more and more being added ^_^ Green Hill Zone appears to be the most used Zone and has a long history, some of which is a little confusing.. Oh well..

Like i said, I'll be adding more and more as i go.. For Levels that appear as basiclly the same level but for different consoles (Like Green Hill in Sonic 1 was in Megadrive, Master System and Game Gear versions (though Master System and Game Gear were the same)) I'm not sure if i'll include a screenshot for each version. I've already got things set up (though not added) for some zones to have a image and just say 'See 'Whatever zone' for details' so i might just do that.. I've got a contact form if anyone wants to leave there two bits on it ^_^
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Posted on 12 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Knuckles Knocks-Out
printable version
I've now added all the larger size cover images for Archies Knuckles Regular series. There is now something related i want to say about..

People should notice that i only feature Archie Comic's Sonic regular series up to a point. This is because this is a CLASSIC Sonic the Hedgehog website. While the Archie Comics Sonic range has never been a classic, it was Classic Sonic. With the Advent of Sonic Adventure, Comic stories tried to find ways to change the characters. Some gave story to explain, some just changed. The Last Issue of Archie's Regular Sonic, features his change to green Eyes, Longer Spines and et al. Simple enought right?

Now.. What about the Knuckles Regular series? doesn't that go past the point i stop with the Sonic title? well.. Yes but the reason i include all of it is 1) It comes to an end soon after, and 2) Knuckles doesn't get 'effected' for a little while.

Now.. Cause i'm not american (and have a bit less of an intrest in the range) I don't feature all the Specials i should. I need to get around to getting all the information to update that BUT where do i draw the line? they did print a few Classic Sonic specials AFTER the change, so what i'll do is look for the prime change. I'll keep with the specials UNTIL the date a special features and is set, in the Neo World. The last special i'll feature should be Sonic Super Special issue 9 Because while Neo sonic was featured RIGHT at the start as part of a framing story, it doesn't feature him at all. Where as the next special does (though that seams to have an guest star by the Sonic Underground, but it's Neo so, no go.. Not read that Story but i hear The range did why they did with other stories and base them on 'Lets look at other comics and insert Sonic's name in replace of whatever name' something which was pretty much what killed STC i think.. anyway..

Now you now, there is a set line, it's been drawn in sand and that's that ^_^
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Posted on 08 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Knuckles strikes
printable version
I have finally been able to add alot more information to the archie knuckles regular series page which means cover credits cover dates (need too add a couple but im typing this form a bus stop^_^) as well as story names and credits. More stuff later.
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Posted on 07 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Little things
printable version
okay.. Added the Manual for the 3D Action Board Game Up in both game information page and PDF Archive page

Added Sonic Board game page atlast.

Changed Waddingtons Card Art gallery section to waddingtons Art and added a small image of the Pink Sally from the 3D Action game.

I might have a couple of other things to add today.. I'll comment when/if i get them done ^_^

EDIT: Ah Ha! One (or more) Two of the things i got done. STC's Walkthrough for Sonic 3 Has been uploaded to the Articles section (So it's in the Game Information for Sonic 3, The Articles section and PDF Archive). Also added there little Q&A for Sonic & Knuckles.. I've been wanted to add a number of walkthoughts and stuff for a while so i'll try to get all the STC ones in the end. Don't expect me to scan complete guide books though..

EDIT 2: I've kinda done by best to deal with the folder line but i have two of the three known Waddingtons Jigsaw Puzzle Images in the Waddingtons folder. In a way, its taken from the Poster of the image, so it should be in the Poster folder, But it's better and more correct to put it in the Waddingtons Folder.. So they are both there ^_^ Should be all for Today

EDIT 3: I know i've been a little lax in updates of late but.. this is a bit stupid.. 15 New Game Genie Codes for European Sonic 2 (MegaDrive) and about 3 of them fixed (or tweaked) And 5 for European Sonic 1 (Megadrive)
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Posted on 06 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Opps.. Sorry
printable version
Sorry there hasn't been much going on for a little bit.. there have been odd bits and tweaks i just haven't said about and today, i uploaded a AOSTH Robotnik Model Sheet and 5 Black and White Sally Images from the Troll Activiy Book.

I have just gotten the Waddingtons Sonic 3D Action game, so i hold to have some images scanned for the site and so you can download a copy of the Manual. I also have a few little things in the works again, and a bit thing that is takeing far longer then planned but oh well.

Again, sorry for lack of any real news.. Not too much seams to be happening right now, does it?
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Posted on 05 Oct 2010 by Manic Man
Non-Sonic : It's Behind you
printable version
I don't do much non-Sonic stuff here but since i was asked by someone that i think is a nice guy and has fairly strong Sonic links, It's okay ^_^

Carl Flint, artist for Sonic the Comic from 1993 till 1999, doing Storys and Covers, has been doing the artwork for the book 'It's Behind you'... I'll just post the video advert (which shows of some of Carl Flints work) and the describion:

Check out this monstrously awesome new animation for the monster poem collection - It's Behind You! Watch the poems of Paul Cookson and David Harmer come to life with the fantastic illustrations from Carl Flint. Check out more here:

You can also pick up a copy by following this nice little amazon link..

Don't expect alot of non-Sonic stuff like this advertises here, but when there is a good reason, i'll do it ^_^
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Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by Manic Man
Characters of Comics!
printable version
Small-ish update.. I've started to add a bit so you can see which characters appears in that issue (and story) for the comics section. When you click on the issue for More information, i'll now show thumbnails of Characters in that story, which you can then click on for more information.So far, only the first 20 issues of STC and, still no information on Sonic.. why? cause there is SOO much to put there.. I guess i should come up with a shorten version for now.. We'll see ^_^
anyway. Enjoy!
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Posted on 03 Sep 2010 by Manic Man

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