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Just a little bit of news on F4F's Sonic statues. As i expected, no word on SU license being renewed yet but they hope soon so i'll keep you informed as i hear.

As for the Super Sonic statue, it should be out soon. Since this is a UK site, the EU shippment should be arriving around the EU in a fortnight's time and shipping to people not long after that.
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Posted on 04 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
bits and pieces
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Okay.. lets see.. while not TESP, still no word on the renewed License for F4Fs so the Metal Sonic is still US/Canada only.
Now, on to TESP news..

A fairly large amount of spellings fixed on the AOSTH character page, also confirmed Gary Chalk as Captain Rescue (Of course, Gary Chalk was on staff as Grounder, and in SU played Robotnik).

SMALL UPDATE: F4F is getting ready to dispatch Super Sonic. So i would say, dispatch is within two weeks, but shouldn't be before a weeks time.
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Posted on 26 Jan 2011 by Manic Man
I'm a Fool
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I'm a complete Fool.

I've watched Reboot for along time.. since it first aired in the UK in fact.. I'm a fan.. I know alot of the shared cast between it and alot of other shows mostly, like AOSTH.. yet only today did i hear Mike the TV and think.. Oh! That's who he is!.. Mike the TV is voiced by Mike Donovan.. I knew Mike Donovan was a VA on AOSTH amoung others.. BUt just the one bit and I 100% comfirmed ... That's Wes Wesealy! So i've been able to update that information.. Sorry about me being such a idiot.. With luck, I'll have some time to track down some actor voice demos soon.. might improve things more.
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Posted on 22 Jan 2011 by Manic Man
TESP Interview - Lew Stringer
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Last month, I got to Interview Lew Stringer, a great cartoonist and writer who worked on Sonic the Comic from around issue 30 till the end. I didn't release it right away for various reasons but due to being busy with current jobs and such, I haven't gotten the final approval (out of kindness, i always show the interviewee the final thing before it gets released) and well.. Its not really neccesery and I don't really want to sit on this for too long..

Either way, I hope Mr Stringer doesn't mind, but I have released my Interview with him, which you can find in the interviews section (Info-Interviews).

I hope you guys enjoy it!
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Posted on 18 Jan 2011 by Manic Man
Might as well show you guys
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As you guys now, I make flash games ^_^

I don't really make a whole bunch but every flash game on this site is my work and there are the odd couple which aren't on this site..

I'm currently working on a Sonic one which should be on this site when it's all done, but there are also good reasons why it might not.. but in the end, I bet it is ^_^ anyway.. For this game, It's helping me get the will to finish off and do more graphics improvements to the TSW Models.. Here is a small bit of animation from the game of Sonic himself.. Just so you guys can see what you think and i can show off a little..

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Posted on 13 Jan 2011 by Manic Man
who put the bob in the bob-she-bob-she-bob?
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Thanks to a couple of user-content sites (*Cough Wiki, *Cough IMDB) there is a rumor going around that Bobcat Goldthwait was a voice in an episode of Sonic Underground.. More so, he was the voice of the character of Amear.. Some places credit the episode, which was Dunes Day...

While Bobcat does have a noticeable voice, that isn't his real voice ^_^ his has used his real voice in some cartoons too BUT even though he isn't a big A-list name, he isn't a nobody. Most of his work, he has been a fairly major character. He was never (it seams) on staff for a cartoon Unless a regular character which was fairly major OR reprising the role he played in a film. The Character of Amear only has a handful of Lines in Dunes Day (he is one Ifyoucan's Bodyguards). People are trying to say that an external 'guest' voice was called in to do some other work at the studio and they said to him "While you are here, do you mean doing a couple of lines for this cartoon but not in your normal voice so you can't really tell its you".. While this kind of thing has happened. They already had a very talented staff that they wouldn't have to pay extra for if they wanted a couple more lines..

Are people being a little stupid? knowing something I really don't know? OR undervaluing the work and skills of people like Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Ian James Corlett & Kathleen Barr among others, all of which have a long history of good work in the field?

I'll have to double check audio files even more and compare his voice but at this time.. I'm 80% sure it is NOT Bobcat Goldthwait in that episode as the voice of Amear.. I'm pretty sure he is NOT in that episode or any other SU episode for that matter..

So.. There you go. Stop stupid people spreading the rumor.. IF it do find out, somehow it was him.. well, first i would like to know HOW other people knew and I'll say so but short of contacting him or doing alot of voice study, I don't think I'll change my mind on this.
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Posted on 05 Jan 2011 by Manic Man
Metal Sonic Statue News
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Just a small update I should have posted a week ago (sorry) but the Metal Sonic statue is currently only for people living in the USA and Canada. First4Figures license has expired for selling of resin Sonic the Hedgehog Statues else where in the world but they are currently trying to renew it. I'll update you with any news on this.

The Super Sonic Statue, however, should STILL dispatch outside of the US because it was done under the old license. It should be released this month, but i'm not quite sure when abouts.
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Posted on 01 Jan 2011 by Manic Man
Board Done
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Board Update done, I'm now working on giving it a whole new look and well as minor things.. a bit pointless as the place is dead but i do kinda hop i'll be able to fuse it with the site a bit more and do things that are good for everyone and stuff..

Hope you Enjoy it when everything is done.
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Posted on 31 Dec 2010 by Manic Man
Forum Update
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No-one really cares as the place is pretty much a dead zone anyway but i'm just posting this to say the Forum is being updated and I do hope from some nice things that will fuse it (in a way) with the site a bit more, but it'll probebly take some time.. my asks for help being removed slow it down a bit too..
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Posted on 31 Dec 2010 by Manic Man
Small Note
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I've updated the Search engine because there was a small bug with Comic searching where it would only search the FIRST story in each issue and not all the others.. no clue where the bug came from cause it used to work, but it's fixed now..

Also added a bit to the people searching so it will only fine people related to the field you are searching for (before, if you searched only for games, it would still find people from comics etc)
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Posted on 28 Dec 2010 by Manic Man

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