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We also try to give you more like Articles from comics and Mags about the Blue one and his friends, and Articles made by TESP Staff members, to Our own Oringal games and works! Something here we don't have that you want? Check out the Contact Page and tell us! we will be happy to do our best to help out! Just put your mouse cursor on the menu bar above to see the sub-menu of all the pages in that categorie has.
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More People
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Fleshed out the SU credits, added 17 New images to the people database and added up there numbers to 1108 or there abouts now. I'll be working on allowing people to come under more then one category next cause i know a number of people have been involed with both games and animation or animation and comics etc, and the search engine and the people database together don't quite handle that right now. Shouldn't take too long to do so really, by the time i've posted this, it'll probebly be working ^_^
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Posted on 08 Mar 2011 by Manic Man
Lots of names
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Today and yesturday, I've added alot of names to the People Database, which includes the current credits i got for all the cartoon series. I've also gone though the whole thing to double check i don't have someone's name down twice etc. there are still a couple of people i think MIGHT be the same person, but i can't prove they are, and there was even one that i thought was two people and turned out to be one.. Anyway.. Its got about 940 names in it so far.. I've got more to add, and i want to flesh out SU credits and OVA credits for a start.

EDIT: I've fleshed out the OVA credits with all of them given and added that to the OVA credits section and the People Database, putting it up to 1018 People

EDIT Again: adding some more births and deaths.. I'm sad to say there are more deaths:
Alaina Reed Hall - 2009 (additional Voices - SatAM)
Ben Hurst - 2010 (Writer, Story Editor - SatAM & SU)
Bernie Wolfe - 2006 (Animation Timer - SatAM)
David Doyle - 1997 (Additional Voices - SatAM)

And a whole Bunch of Births have been listed..
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Posted on 07 Mar 2011 by Manic Man
New Feature
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Added a new feature to the Search engine's People Database, It now shows Birth and Death Dates. Not alot of them entered so far and some are pretty hard to find out, but i've gotten a fair number so far.. and it was a bit sad to see how many people had died and i hadn't really heard about it.. I'll just do a quick run down of people I've got as reported dead (yes, a bit depression but still)
Long John Baldry - 2005 (Voice of Robotnik - AOSTH)
Babz Chula - 2010 (Additional Voices - AOSTH)
Dana Hill - 1996 (Additional Voices - SatAM)
Jack Hanrahan - 2008 (Writer - AOSTH)
Owen Fitzgerald - 1994 (Storyboard Artist - AOSTH & SatAM)
Howard Post - 2010 (Storyboard Artist - AOSTH)
Clark Gassman - 2006 (Music/Main Theme - AOSTH)
Casanovas - 2009 (Artist - Sonic the Comic)

There are still tons of names to add to the Database, and tons more information to add to what's there, but that's a quick look.

oh and a bunch of little other things were done but i can't remember all of them ^_^;
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Posted on 05 Mar 2011 by Manic Man
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Gallery Upgrade done.. I might tweak the theme a little but nevermind that..

I have changed the status of the Super Sonic Statues to Released and uploaded 16 images to the merchandise section of the gallery. You can also access them via the Super Sonic page (Exclusive version only. Sorry, i don't have the space or money to buy BOTH versions each time and i just hope they don't get into a nasty habbit of having special versions of every statue they make... they are too good a company for that kinda low marketing trick).

I'll probebly have a review up tomorrow or so. I also hope to add something to make it easyer for people to submit there own reviews for things like merchandise and episodes.. at the moment, it's not hard but i know some of you guys are very lazy ^_^

EDIT: I have also fixed a small bug with the Search engine and tied it into the Merchandise section... Now, when you see some merchandise and it has a markers name, you can click on the name to see other merchandise by the same company. Isn't that nice?
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Posted on 25 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
Statue Update
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My Statue turned up yestureday and it's great..

I'm currently upgrading the gallery so it'll be a little pause before i get everything up and back to working and stuff so bare with me
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Posted on 25 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
Super Sonic Released!
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I have just (in fact, in the last 10 mintues) gotten an e-mail to say that my Super Sonic statue is in the country and i should get it between 48 hours to 1 week.. So, knowing what Parcel Force is like.. any time from tomorrow till next wednesday.

Future news to come when it turns up ^_^
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Posted on 22 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
Stuff like Updates
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Okay, a bunch of little bits really.. I've updated the Merchandise section so you get less information and a short name for the items on the main page, but you can view more on a page at one time, and of course, click on them for alot more information (In most cases)

Also, I was looking around and noticed on American AOSTH Dvd which gave an episode 'Force Three from Mobius'.. there was no such episode.. then i read about it.. it was 'Attack on the Pinball Fortress'.. I remembed the whole 'King coconuts' problem and so i looked around and gathered what i think is a pretty good collection of 'other known' names for AOSTH. They are in the notes sections when you view full info for each episode. Boy, some of these Dvds give really stupid names, huh? most of them seam to make no sense and i think some of the wrong names are just kids getting names wrong.. If you can comfirm any more names or deny any official status of a other name (Basicly prove it's only some stupid kids) then it would be nice to let me know ^_^

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Posted on 21 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
Squeeze Toy Update - A Reply
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Well, it seams SEGASammy are at it again in a way. I have heard back from GE and the Sonic Squeezes have NOT been approved in the Current State (though they look okay to me) so they will not be released. The License has expired and they are unable to renew it so it's basiclly a case that they are scrapped.

As for the Keyrings.. Negotiations are underway for extending the license so they will be able to release them but any time before July is basiclly impossible. July would be the earlist. To me, that date seams possible but.. i wouldn't count on it..

Oh, by the way, I'm getting around to adding a new Merchandise section. So far, i have one for Not yet released stuff, but i'm going to add another one for Canned Merchandise. That section will probebly be up later today and i'm thinking of improvements for the whole section anyway.
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Posted on 21 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
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Not too much of an update right now but i've been tweaking the search engine (as well as a couple of related bits), added 10 new photo thumbnails for AOSTH actors (and if anyone knows WHO Wally March is, please let me know.. it seams no-one really knows) and adding thumbnail display for Characters. So if you search for a character and it finds one, it'll show a little thumbnail image of the character. If you search for an actor, it'll show you a little thumbnail besides each character they have played.
Nice and simple, huh?
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Posted on 18 Feb 2011 by Manic Man
Squeeze Toy Update
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I said a while back about Gaya Entertainments Squeeze toy line, which includes Squeeze toys for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik, plus Keyring versions of them.. well.. they still haven't been released and current date i see seams to be the 15th of February.. I doubt this will be the true date and i expect them to be a delayed again. Gaya Entertainment seam to be like that ^_^
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Posted on 06 Feb 2011 by Manic Man

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