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Welcome to TESP!, The Emerald Star Post. Here we aim to give you all the stuff you were need for your Classic Sonic habit, and when we say Classic, we mean the Best of the Blue Furred Hedgehog himself, From his first game in 1991 to his last Cartoon show in 1999. Not only do we give you all this information on All his Games, Cartoons, Books & Comics, but we are collecting a database of information on all merchandise for him, from T-shirts and Jigsaws, to badges and Modern 'Retro' gear.
We also try to give you more like Articles from comics and Mags about the Blue one and his friends, and Articles made by TESP Staff members, to Our own Oringal games and works! Something here we don't have that you want? Check out the Contact Page and tell us! we will be happy to do our best to help out! Just put your mouse cursor on the menu bar above to see the sub-menu of all the pages in that categorie has.
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Little Picture
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Image: Tails Front View updated
I've got a few things more on my plate right now so this is kinda having to take more of a back burner then i would like but the above image shows the old TSW Tails front view model compared to the new one. basiclly, new hands, alot of recolouring and detail in colouring, and a whole new shade ^_^ Just to show you guys something which is related to one thing i'm working on which should be pretty good.
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Posted on 10 May 2011 by Manic Man
It's that Poll again
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Time for the return of the Poll System! anyway.. I'll just explain this one a bit. at the moment, i try to give the game Credits in as close a copy of how they are displayed in game as possible. However, this does make a number of problems..
1) It kinda has to be done in HTML so i can't easily rig it up to the Search Engine
2) The same job with the same name can have a few different ways of saying it
3) It takes longer to edit/check credits

Now.. If i change to the new system i want, while credits won't be 100% as they are in game (but i'll aim for close) I can either leave them saying things like 'Programmers', 'Program', 'Programmer' and 'Game Program' for the same job as a Programmer, OR i can more uniform it so if it's the same job, it has the same name (like 'Special Thanks' will all be said as that, and not difference things like 'Special Thanks', 'Special Thanks to', 'Thanks', 'Thanks to' etc). It's a minor detail but does make things a little easier. It'll also mean where i have comfirmed a person's name, It'll credit there real name (not the name used in game) BUT will also list what they did the game as, as well as storing all different names they have used.. for example, Bigisland. That is the name he used for Sonic 1, Later he used his real name of Naoto Ohsima. So it'll say the Naoto Ohsima was part of the staff, credited as 'Bigisland', so any search will find him under both names I'll make things a bit easier all around...

Okay.. i'm being pretty bias here but there is also something to be said for keeping it as game Accurate as possible.. apart from to look nice.. i think.. anyway.. here is the poll

Should Game Credits be as writen in Game or more uniform?
In Game, just as displayed
More uniform so all producers are called Producers
I wanna vote but don't wanna vote for either item

EDIT: Sorry, i should have noticed, it was the wrong poll script ^_^; sorry about that.
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Posted on 08 May 2011 by Manic Man
More search engine bits
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part of the work i'm doing to the search engine is fusing the people database in more so now, for Animation and Comic people, a list of there projects will be appearing in there information box in the search engine. Partly due to this, i'm fazing out the tick boxes for different sections. I'll still take a while before everything is done, so it's a slow faze but it'll happen. It's just gonna take a little while when it comes to the problems with the games section for one thing.
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Posted on 08 May 2011 by Manic Man
Search Update
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I'm not sure if this counts as a minor thing or a more major thing.. either way, i fixed a small but in the search engine when it came to Comic book Staff AND i have improved the searching for them so it'll now list there role by each result. I still need to do more then it comes to Staff like that but that shouldn't be that much to mess around with.. might have it done today, might not..
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Posted on 07 May 2011 by Manic Man
erm.. yeah..
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I'm slowly being able to work on a couple of things but.. this is a stupidlly small update.. I've replaced the AOSTH intro clip with a much better one.. About time too..
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Posted on 03 May 2011 by Manic Man
11 years
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Sorry, i got a bit busy yesturday.. a real pain that.. partly blame that tree that fell on me.. anyway.. TESP turned 11 years old yesturday. Sorry i have nothing big to show right now but.. oh well.. 11 years.. longer then classic Sonic lasted.. sadly..
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Posted on 29 Apr 2011 by Manic Man
Sonic Generations
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I'm not sure if i'll even try to keep up with this, but its them using Classic Sonic, so i guess i should ^_^

Sega have been saying this for a little while now but they plan to be working on a New Sonic Game which will be for the 20th Annivery this year, and will feature both Neo Sonic and Classic Sonic. This could be of interest, or it could be another 'lets try to cash in on old time fans'.. Oh and by the way, like most large companys, they seam to think the PC is dead as a gaming machine, so no PC plans for it ¬_¬ Look around guys, Digital Download Games, Small companies, Some large and Homebrewers STILL love the PC! It's not THAT hard to convert the games to PC these days.. In fact, i've got a number of games which were partly ruined because they had to make them for Consoles as well, so the PC versions have downed graphics and movies using the same format as the consoles..

oh well.. Oh, and like the Neo Sonic-Mario games (in fact, i must admit, an understandable change), Neo and Classic Sonic have had there sizes changed to be more in line with each other. It seams.
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Posted on 19 Apr 2011 by Manic Man
Bits and Pieces..
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This is one of these news posts that don't really fit into any category and i don't like Multiply Categories when it's not REALLY needed.. anyway.. On we go:

) First 4 Figures have reported (it seams) some small troubles with damages to the Super Sonic Statue. If yours was damaged on the way to you, you can get a replacement from them it seams..

) No word on there Metal Sonic statue.. Like i said, knowing how slow Sega of Japan is on allowing stuff, it might take some time.. Also, i think the recent (and still on-going) troubles in japan MIGHT just slow down some matters.. Unsure on that bit, however, since they should have different departments in different areas.

) Summer of Sonic 2011 is coming up, and as normal, i plan to be no-where near it.. again, sorry if my views clash with too many others but.. It's not a Classic Sonic event, doesn't pretend to be.. I don't have interest in Neo Sonic so it's just not an event for me.

) I have often said how i (and others i have spoken with) think that TESP is underrated as a Sonic site, mostly in favour of Neo based (or including) ones OR illegal ones. I do try to work well with the Community that have classic links but most of the time i just get no replies or direct insults. Since i prefer not to list names of people that have treated me like this, i admit i protect them when maybe, I shouldn't. Kinda shows that I'm better then them.

) you might ask, why don't i put my self out there to help others if i expect others to help me? well.. I think i do. basically, If you are nice and friendly and i have an interest in you or your project, I'll help. Sometimes, i might be unable to do anything but cheerleadering work, other times I'll be able to take a more active part. I don't expect help in return, that would be more doing it for the rewards then for just being helpful (I do alot of volunteering work in real life, in fact, I have a Level 2 CAV (Community Volunteering Qualification) and I'm working on the highest level, level 3. as a Volunteer, we don't expect to get help in return, it's just nice. Some projects i support or help, don't seam to see the light of day, others are completed and go ahead. To me, I would prefer to help a project that WILL go ahead, or shows signs of it going ahead, but I will support other projects to help them go ahead.

) Speaking of Fan Supported Project, i think people aren't contacting TESP to support there projects because: 1) they think TESP doesn't have enough views to bring people to there project 2) they don't know about TESP.
Maybe there are other reasons but i don't know about these.. Really, i would LOVE to have the fan Support section larger then it is BUT often, i can't really post news on what is going on with these projects because I'm not told. Oh, also 3) if there project is simply illegal (even if they try to claim it's not) i can't really officially support it, though i might unofficially.. I don't like Illegal stuff BUT there are times when it's very boarder line.. People doing stupid 'Sonic 2 In HD' games are CLEARLY braking the law (and showing a complete lack of information on the term 'HD') and are often trying to hid the fact they are braking the law.. So i can rarely officially support these UNLESS, it's done in the form of an add-on.. For example, I've mess around with Sonic R a bit, I can (if i wanted) release a 'patch' that updates Amy's Breeze Mk2 into a more faithful Breeze Mk1. Is this illegal? well, kinda yes. Its basically hacking BUT, Like with 'fan levels' as long as i don't share sonic R is self, but have it as a patch that you NEED the original game to play, I'm pretty fine with it (as is most of the companies that make the games).

) I'll lost the thread of what I'm saying and talking about here.. Oh well. I'm working on some great new updates for TESP by the way. Updating game Credits to a new system that is 100% compatible with the search engine, which will be upgraded again (I'm probably going to end up removing the options for searching different sections, cause it's getting to a point then that is more of a bane then a plus.. we will just have to wait and see). Also, I'm updating the system for Lyrics.. This includes ALOT of updated SU lyrics. The ones i got were made by me a long time ago, with help of Bluedude and a couple of references made to other sites ideas of what lines are.. I'm going though some of the songs and noticing the lyrics are a bit off where i can work out what they are saying more now, and in fact, the new ones seam to go against Alot of other sites. Probably cause they don't update the lyrics or put as much care into them.. A good example is the song 'We need to be Free'. There is the Line 'Freedom is a golden bird that lets us fly'. After listening to that line over and over it seams pretty clear that it's NOT Bird and the word 'that' doesn't seam to appear.. it's possible but at the moment, it seams to more be 'Freedom is a golden murrma, let us fly' which doesn't make sense.. people take Bird cause it seams to make sense.. Given the Arabic tones of the Episode and Song, I'm wondering about various flying objects in myth and stuff.. Though the word 'Carpet' isn't there, if it was, 'Freedom is a golden carpet, let us fly' does make sense. Fits with the tones too. anyway.. Since there aren't official lyrics (i don't even think the DVDs ever had Subtitles) But the Sonic le Rebelle DVDs do have Song Lyrics. I'm still debating getting them. I'm also looking for the lyrics, as while they aren't just translations, i can HELP alot. anyway, work will take some time, including some the changes and upgrades to the lyrics sections.

I guess that's it for now..
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Posted on 15 Apr 2011 by Manic Man
Bring back STC - another Petition
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A guy called Steve Johnson contacted me to say about a new Petition he has set up as Ipetitions on bring back STC to the print. The idea is to basically take the fan 'SC Online' and get it back into print to make it a follow on for STC. I know STC Online has gotten a far bit of support, and some STC creators have done small amounts of work for it, but I have had problems with it dating back to before it's creation.. I would never say i was buddy-buddy with a gal called 'Rockchick' (STCmk2 Creator) but i was interested and happy to e-mail and talk with her, even a little bit.. however, when she dropped it to work on the newly starting STCOnline, i noticed alot of things that i wasn't happy about the the project has followed just what the original comic did, which is why it was canned. The comic changed to suit the believed attitudes of the modern market and that lost my interest completely. Why? well.. I could point to a nice bit by Lew Stringer (and guests) on his blog about the revamping of the Dandy comic but there's no real need right now. Basically, the comic changes to suit the current 'kids' NOT the older fan base. There for, the older fan base gives up. OR (as i was talking with a friend the other day about) the people that are fans of it as kids, when it's a kids show, grow up and believe the characters and comics should grow up with them, thus it turns it from a kids show, and grows up to be what it isn't.. Personally.. i don't think either is always that great. The first is to keep it popular but not aimed at long time readers, the second is aimed at long term but by changing it into what it's not, loses many long term and doesn't gain alot of new that could grow up with it.

Oh well, either why, that doesn't matter. This is a UK based person with a UK based project which is linked to Classic Sonic (though sadly, STCOnline isn't much linked to Classic Sonic.. so i shouldn't really have much on it (like why Archie's range only goes up to a point).. either way, If you want to show your support here is the Link:


I wonder if Rockchick still remembers me.. doubt it ^_^; But like i said, officially, i'll support this, because it doesn't directly go against the point of this site.
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Posted on 13 Apr 2011 by Manic Man
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While almost completely unrelated to anything on this site, I feel i want to make a note of this.

Yesturday (April 9th 2011), Bluedude, who i have been good friends with since we were about 4 years old, and who has been a major supporter for this site and other things related, got married to his affiance, Clare.

We wish them luck in there new life.
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Posted on 10 Apr 2011 by Manic Man

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