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sigh.. Mister Spammer was back again about 7am this morning.. confirmed as 100% a person not a bot, i have delt with it now.
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Posted on 11 Feb 2010 by Manic Man
Spam Attack
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Around 4:00pm on Sunday 07th Feburary, a spammer attacked the messageboard here with the account name 'ForumTeam' telling everone that is a member of the board, they they were the admin telling you that you have a virus on your computer..

This is a course, wrong. While i would still say if you wanna check for virus, checking alot is good, but don't follow any links given to bonus virus remover software, cause it will only GIVE you a virus!

I have currently been dealing with the problem. I'm not quite sure how they got to the membership list like that, but i'm checking things out.. maybe it was just someone with too much time on their hands and they wanted to be a prat ^_^

Sorry it has taken me this long to deal with it, i was away at the time of the attack.
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Posted on 07 Feb 2010 by Manic Man
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Well.. it seams alot today.. one update i have been working on it released.. a Major upgrade to the Music Section! It looks sooo much better now with more information. I got some more bits to come with it too (mostly images that are missing right now). I have taken down the pretty bad remix of 'Look-A-Like' with the full Ep 1 and Full Ep 2 versions which i have spend a bit of time on, and i'm working on my own 'Full' remix..

I have also removed a couple of tracks that there was no need for. I have updated the information and stuff on the album 'Super Sonic', so instead of the two tracks that were up, they have been put in a zip as they are the Cassette release, and i have ripped and uploaded the three versions from the CD version.. whoa, four difference versions of the same song.. and it's not that great either..

Also I have uploaded the Segaworld Sydney CD 'Sonic in Sydney', this is very intresting and contains the three full versions of the Songs from the Stage show 'Sonic in Sydney', plus the full audio of the stage show.

I think that's about it for now.. I'm going to update some of the zips at some point.. the ones that arean't labeled right, so i can give a full track list and stuff.. also, like i said, images to come.. and probebly a zip download for the complete SU set.

Enjoy this big update ^_^
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Posted on 03 Feb 2010 by Manic Man
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Okay, it's been a couple of days and i'm still working on stuff, but for now, here are 7 more characters for the game information's characters section. The 7 oringal Animals from Sonic 1.. what? Yes, they are characters cause they were given names, used for books, some spin-off games etc.. well.. one of each race was given a name really ^_^ So they are there, and i'm adding them to the games they were in.
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Posted on 03 Feb 2010 by Manic Man
Bits and Bobs
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Well.. Still not quite the stuff i want to have up but some things are getting in the way. anyway.. I have updated some of the Writer credits for some SU episodes.. why? well.. some Cheap Su DVDs some how have the writer credits for episodes which don't tell you.. so i was able to get a couple of more names.

Also, i have uploaded great scans/clean up jobs i have done on 5 of the Sonic & Knuckles Collection Figures 'Conflict Cards'. They are basicly a game of Top Trumps. This cards came with the oringal 'packet' releases of the Figures and so.. sady, they are very rare and i only have 5 of them. Even though i have about 7 of the figures now. The figures also then got a series of Box sets which DIDN'T include the cards, which make the figures a bit more common, and also the odd special release (Like the Japanese (it seams) Box set of 3 Sonics and Metal Sonic).

Also, I'm working on overhauling the Merchandise section and the Music Sections to make them alot nicer.. I was working on the game Info section too but due to the bunk of information, it's hard to make it look tooo nice and clean.
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Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Manic Man
Two new Adverts
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Okay, i'm working on cleaning up them cards right now ^_^
anyway, for now 2 new Adverts. One for Sonic 1 and the Sega Genesis (yep, american) and one for for McDonald's 10th Anniversary happy meal Toys which features not only a Sonic toy but Sonic in the advert ^_^

Enjoy that while the Chess Set is delayed again.. Since they seam to be having problems, i didn't expect anything BUT a delay.. oh well.. 28th of Febuary, they say now.. doubt that.. in fact, i doubt any time before June but oh well.

EDIT: I have also updated the Sonic redemption game Flyer and added the Flyer for an Add-on to it. I also have more stuff on that to come soon ^_^
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Posted on 20 Jan 2010 by Manic Man
Not much again
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Looky, it's a series of Small updates but they are updates none the less.. Anyway.. Added large cover image for oringal 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (SatAM) DVD release ('Super Sonic' DVD) & three new pieces of Merchandise.. well.. not new but new to this site.. oh and i did know about the box set release of Sonic of the Sonic & Knuckles Figures.. i didn't quite know it was as many as 5 sets.. and there is a Japanese Gift Box set.. I know very few places (are we the only ones?) seam to know about the oringal release of these figures in little packs with the Conflict trading cards and all this over sets don't come with the cards.. boy, i think the Cards are the rarest thing about these soo.. I'll scan the cards i have for ya.. I'll work on it later today.. If i remember right, i should have atlest 4, maybe 5 of the Cards (Got the nice Metal Sonic from Bluey-kun, but sadly, he could only just about find the Metal Sonic, let alone the Conflict Card)..

I hope this will be done soon and you guys will enjoy looking at them.. If i'm ever able to get a complete set, i can make it into a flash game.. It was Top Trumps after all ^_^
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Posted on 19 Jan 2010 by Manic Man
Merchandise Update
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I've added 4 new bits of Merchandise to the Site. They are four Plastic Drink Bottles from SegaWorld Sydney. That's all for now.. i kinda got more stuff from them in the works as well as a nice little item.

EDIT: See on some small things like this, i just edit the update.. doing that more these days.. anyway.. i added another 5 items of merchandise to the information.
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Posted on 18 Jan 2010 by Manic Man
Again, not much
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Again, not much today... In the adverts section, there is now a Printed Poster for the first Series of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (SatAM). I am working on a couple of nice things which should be along soon and i'm working on ideas to clean up some of the design in places.. as well as a couple of other things..

anyway.. enjoy this small update.

EDIT: I have also added comic information in the Misc section for the Sonic 1 promo comic.
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Posted on 17 Jan 2010 by Manic Man
not much again
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again, not much up right now, but i have added large images of the three american VHS releases from about 1994. I'm still working on some stuff which.. well, i hope to be done sometimes soon but oh well.
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Posted on 16 Jan 2010 by Manic Man

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