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Welcome to TESP!, The Emerald Star Post. Here we aim to give you all the stuff you were need for your Classic Sonic habit, and when we say Classic, we mean the Best of the Blue Furred Hedgehog himself, From his first game in 1991 to his last Cartoon show in 1999. Not only do we give you all this information on All his Games, Cartoons, Books & Comics, but we are collecting a database of information on all merchandise for him, from T-shirts and Jigsaws, to badges and Modern 'Retro' gear.
We also try to give you more like Articles from comics and Mags about the Blue one and his friends, and Articles made by TESP Staff members, to Our own Oringal games and works! Something here we don't have that you want? Check out the Contact Page and tell us! we will be happy to do our best to help out! Just put your mouse cursor on the menu bar above to see the sub-menu of all the pages in that categorie has.
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F4F Tails
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I'll put up Metal Sonic Statue images soon, but now F4F has announced and put for Pre-order Tails! On a Mushroom Hill based base, there is yet again two versions, and this is the weakest light up feature yet.. 3 Mushrooms Glow.. a bit pointless that.. I think i said i had fears of them doing this because it's a cheap way of making money, and i felt the Knuckles Light up feature was weak but.. boy.. Oh well. More information to come.

Still Sorry for the lack of updates.
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Posted on 26 Jan 2012 by Manic Man
Metal Sonic Statue News
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Just a minor note to say that the Metal Sonic Statue from F4F should be out soon. F4F have sent out word that they are charging people for there pre-orders so that's a good sign... that's for the 5th January, so expect it out in January.
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Posted on 31 Dec 2011 by Manic Man
Christmas Card time 2011
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I don't know what's going on at the moment with myself.. a number of things going on and i made this to show how much i have improved over time anyway.. so the 2011 Card is out and it's.. interesting.
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Posted on 16 Dec 2011 by Manic Man
Don't ask
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just don't ask..

3 New Pieces of Merchandise Added to the Merchandise guide, and they are 20th Anniversary 'Sonic through time' classic figures..

I will make a couple of comments on these.. First, they are an american item, and i've only seen one UK shop carrying them, and they don't carry much of the line.. Without a checklist on the back, it's even hard to fully comfirm the whole list...

The next bit is.. They are okay.. Not great.. The 1991 Sonic's spines are more 1995/1996 length (which is much less then 1998 length, but more then 1991 length), and that Motobug... I was going to repaint one of mine to be a Sonic 1 Motobug but it would take WAY more then that to fix it.. The face place is not only the wrong colour, but wrong eyes, wrong mouth and it has engraved lines that shouldn't be there, the arms and antenna could just be pretty much repainted, along with the Exhurst, But the shell is well out there. It shouldn't have ladybird spots, and not a 'two piece' split, and should have a raised spot.. Oh well.. The 1992 Grabber? gets off lighty.. I looks a bit smaller, the eyes are wrong, the legs are a bit 'detailed' when they shouldn't be and it needs a full repaint, but that one is probebly possible to turn into a 1992 version via a repaint..

I don't personall own the Eggrobos yet but they look like they mostly just need a repaint..

All in all? they are based on the 2010/2011 'redesigns' that Sega kept showing off and used in Sonic '4' and Sonic Generations.. So.. For Classic Badniks? you still better try to hunt down the Sonic & Knuckles Collection Figures.
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Posted on 05 Dec 2011 by Manic Man
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Sorry i have been more then a little busy of late but.. oh well.. things are like that..

F4F have announced that the latest figure in the Sonic Statue range will indead be Knuckles and pre-ordering should go live today.. from the perview.. i must say i'm not that impressed and I hope the full images (to follow shortly) will show it being much better..

Metal Sonic has not been released yet but should be released this year..
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Posted on 11 Oct 2011 by Manic Man
Not much
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I'm busy with quite a few things these days and more at the moment, so work for the site has been going slow and the few updates i have been doing, having been worth saying about.. but i might as well say about them to show the site is still going:

1) Adding Sonic 1 Credit Image for Megadrive
2) Added 2 Badniks for Sonic Spinball (MegaDrive)
3) Added UK Title notes and image for Sonic 3D (Megadrive)
4) Minor Spelling fixes on Character Profits

see.. not much.. And while i have noticed it before in the past.. been running though my head is the fact that the two 'badniks' on the cover for Sonic 2 (Master System) do NOT appear in the game, nor do anything like them.. i'm trying to think if they could be bad versions of some form of badnik sprite in the game but nothing so far.. makes you think, eh?
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Posted on 20 Jul 2011 by Manic Man
New Credits System
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The New Credits system is up and running. This system makes it easier to update and correct credits, as well as (though only 1 has so far) allowing credit images so that they can be comfirmed as correct. I've had to do alot of credit fixes for Sonic 3 because.. well, small mistake and i credits the Sonic 3 PC credits for Sonic 3 MD ^_^; silly me.. anyway.. That's fixed now and is the only section with Credit screenshots so far.

I hope you guys enjoy!
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Posted on 21 Jun 2011 by Manic Man
bits and pieces
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A tiny note.. I've fixed the Search engine.. you see, sadly, i'm pretty busy at the moment and TESP doesn't get the kind of people that DO report problems, so after i've upgraded the server from PHP4 to PHP5, i wasn't able to find out that the search engine broke down Now i know, i have done a temporary fix.

More important news.. I'm still not quite sure (but hope to find out for sure soon) if First4Figures Metal Sonic will be avability in the UK but it doesn't look like it will be, meaning mine will cost a bit more ¬_¬ but it seams the next one is going to be a bit of an odd choice.. It seams to be Knuckles... I would have put good money on it being Tails or Robotnik, both of which make sense (Robotnik stuff is pretty rare outside of his AOSTH form, so it would have been great too) but there you go.. Knuckles..

They are also doing a special 'not to buy so many only contest prize' 20th Anniversay Sonic but that's Neo with just a small image of Classic so not really worth saying much about here ^_^
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Posted on 17 Jun 2011 by Manic Man
Games Master
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Sorry for the lack of updates but here is something quick.

in the UK at the moment, games Master Mag have a Sonic 20th Anniversary Ultimate collectors special for £7.99. It comes with a set of 'retro' stickers (Sonic 1 MD sprites), 4 badges (1 from american Sonic 1 MD Cover, one of Neo from Sonic Adventure, one of Neo and Pseduo classic from 'Sonic Generations' and one with the 20th Anniversary logo), and a two sided Generations poster (one side is a picture for this new game, and one is a collection of Sonic though the years). I haven't opend my copy yet but it claims to have a list of All the games, Spin-offs, best power ups, levels and enemies, and tons of information and stuff..

I kinda doubt some of the information and alot of it is neo, but alot of classic and worth saying about. interesting to see if the 'michael jackson' information is based on the 'rumour' (and unlikely) idea of him doing Sonic 3's sound track or something else.. i'll probebly pick up a second copy before i open it though.. and i've got some stuff on which is why i've been busy.

NEXT Day Update:
Well.. Not to surprised.. they claim 'Every Sonic Game'.. they miss ALOT of them.. History isn't complete, 'Rare Merchandise' nope. they feature common stuff, the rare stuff is missing, Michael Jackson information is highly flawed, while not TESP, i noticed where some of the scans were taken from (and i doubt with permission of the scanner). Misss out most information on comics and cartoons and Music... I might get around to a full review of it sometime.. okay for the price but wow, aren't some of there claims up for missleading information since they are trying to sell it on the fact of some of the claims on the cover which aren't true?
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Posted on 11 Jun 2011 by Manic Man
Minor but nice
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Today, in the Post, a game i ordered turned up, The Japanese Saturn version of Sonic 3D (completing not only my set of Japanese Sonic Saturn games but Saturn Sonic 3D games) and first thing i did? looked at the disc and have 4 high grade Wallpapers to share with you guys. You can find them in the Gallery under 'Wallpapers'.. and i'll say one thing.. 1280x1024 Res for a wallpaper is still a fair size but for back in 1999? these sure are impressive!
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Posted on 18 May 2011 by Manic Man

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