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Second Action Figure Ramble
Now, as with last time, I'm trying to stick with Typical 'of the time' styles in figures.. As you would notice from most Action figure lines, characters that many fans would want, often aren't included.. and the idea was 'Female figures don't sell'. So they rarely did many Female figures.. In Series 1, we had no Female figures.. this will change now cause, if Series 1 sold well, Series two would be a little bolder, but would often mean people need to fight to get a female.. Lets see what this Series has:

Series 2:
Assault mission Sonic The Hedgehog
~Yep, another Sonic. He is the main character, and the one most likely to sell, so they would have him in.. most series, at lest once (some toy ranges had the same character TONS of times in one series.. but lets kept this fairly simple). Assault Mission Sonic would be a simple re-do of Sonic with Ring throwing action BUT he comes with Backpack (which can hold up to 1 Ring!) and Inferred Glasses.. Please Note, Glasses are molded onto the head and not removable. the Head would be the only thing that isn't just reusing the molds from Series one. It also would probably come with a Ring and the same Ring Throwing action.

Princess Sally - With Nicole
~Yay, I can hear everyone saying, It's a Princess Sally figure! But don't get that happy. No jacket, this is Series 1 Style, with Nicole that can fit into her hand, OR (via a pretty ugly peg) clip onto her boot. Nicole can't fold up, so just a solid bit of plastic. Sally also comes with a Ring.. No real reason for it, apart from, she can hand it to Sonic ^_^ Probably no real action for the figure. They didn't believe Female figures sold that well and while most of the male ones got all the actions and fancy stuff, the female ones were... pretty plain (don't believe me? Check out the original He-man line.. No gimmicks on girls)

Swat Bot Captain - With Laser Pistol
~A simple recolour of the SwatBot Figure, and a new 'weapon' item means not only is this line cheaper to make then Series one, but they don't need to think of new villains to use! and Kids are gonna buy them to lead there Swat Bot Armys!... Of all the toy ranges that had a 'standard badguy' figure, how many of you really brought more then one of that figure? I guess, not many.

Light Up Doctor Robotnik
~It's Robotnik at last! But whats this? he lights up? well.. His eyes do thanks to LEDs! or more.. 1 LED in the head.. being a character with a fairly large build, it would have the space for a simple LED kit and it would be something to take up the space.. They might make most of the instead hollow but gimmicks like this did start to take off more so in the early 90s, but only small amounts of it (cause.. well.. I'm not sure if it was pricey, but it was more then they liked to spend that often). It might come with a little cluck figure, which would be a solid mold.

Antoine - with Sword Action
~Another Freedom Fighter figure, Antoine would be fairly basic, with a sword that you would place in his hand, pull his arm up, and it would spring down, giving a very... basic 'sword action'. Though it might be a little better.. Lets be nice to our fans.. You pull the arm up, it locks into place, and by pressing a button on the back, the arm comes down ^_^ that makes it safer too.

DELUXE Command Room Attack Set
~Wowwee! Zappo! It's the Deluxe Command Room Attack Set This has Robotnik's Chair (Robotnik figure sold Separately) which could spin around via a simple Axel and a grip, under the chair.. It would probably be raised so it wasn't at ground level. It also has a couple of little action points around a few 'bridge' like floors.. A couple of platforms for Freedom Fighters to jump from... And some form a little jail cell with a trap platform.. They are always a must ^_^.. The whole thing would be able to fold up a bit.. and probably not be that close to what the Command Room looked like in the show..
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Posted on 27 Nov 2010 by Manic Man

by Cherlin @ 24 Apr 2016 05:53 pm
Cheers pal. I do apptrciaee the writing.
by Susie @ 20 Oct 2016 10:42 am
Knocked my socks off with knweeodgl!
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