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Lets just Ramble! Action Figure time!
I've said about in the past that the Sonic Cartoons were too late and look at the world now? they were too late and too early.. In the 80s, there was a boom of Cartoon Action Figures and Toys.. In the 2000s there is still a Boom of Cartoon action Figures and Toys.. in the 90s.. well.. it died down for some time.. isn't that a pain? When i was younger, me and Bluey had ideas for Sonic Figures.. I keep trying to do one way of doing them (in a way i can share them with the world) but things get in the way.. Anyway..

Let me do a bit of a idea of Actions Figures I would have done for various Sonic Cartoons.. and some reasons why i choose that.. Lets start of SatAM..

Series 1:
Sonic The Hedgehog- With Power Ring throwing Action
¬Back in the 80s, Action figures HAD to have some thing with them and a gimmick.. Turtles toys had all them Weapons, transformers Transformed etc.. and there was also a wide range of 'action' gimmicks.. Look at He-Man, you had Throwing Discs, Kung-Fu chops, spinning waists, growing etc.. Why Sonic? Well, the Main Character is always there! I don't think they could have done a Sonic that could roll up, so they would probably use the Power Rings, as a main part of Sonic, So.. while he might just have had them to hold, i think more of a gimmick is needed.. Throwing action sounds right.. Place a ring in Sonic's hand, pull the arm back and release.. Knock Down Enemy Swatbots! Sounds right huh?

Swat Bot- With Missile Launcher
¬Any Good toy range needs a few villains so the kids can play.. Swatbots were the stand-in 'disposable' enemy.. every show of the time needed them.. Turtles had 'the Foot', Power Rangers had the putty things i can't remember the names of. So There would be a Swatbot figure.. Why Missile Launcher? again, It's an Action that fires something.. They only really used Laser guns in the show, but with the odd other weapon, but this does fire a small something and so it'll keep the kids happy as they try to fire at the hero, but miss, for the Hero to defeat the evil Enemy!

Miles 'Tails' Power With twisting Tails
¬No real 'weapon' here but an action as his tails can spin around! Tails is a major character, being from the games, and they were trying to plug him a lot, yet he wasn't major in the Cartoon itself.. But in most figure ranges, that doesn't really matter.

Rotor With ToolBelt and Wrench
¬Again.. Not much of a weapon, but not Everyone needed to have one.. Why Rotor.. Well, it gets a bit iffy.. in the early 90s, it was said that 'Female Figures didn't sell'.. Ever wondered why there was no figure of Jenny from Bucky O'hare? that was the reason.. they had to figure to get one made, which was to be in series 2 of the figures.. sadly, that series never came out (but the final prototypes of the figure are nice).. Since No Females can be used, the the main heroes are a small group with two major females, we have to use other male characters.. Namely, Rotor. The Tool Belt would be some cheap plastic thing that could go around the waist, with a large hoop for the Wrench to fit, which could also go in his hand.

The Guardian with Light Up Eyes
¬Hang on.. the Guardian was a Secondary character for one episode right? Yes! But he would make up the roll as another Villain for this first series, which would be something that would want. the Light up eyes feature? simple.. It's the old 'hole in the back of the head with red tint plastic, which... well, is still used today to give some light up eyes.. yet it's not a selling point today..

DELUXE HoverUnit
¬Most of the ranges had at lest one deluxe toy.. mostly a vehicle for a character to ride.. I think a Hover Unit (the Green Ones) where as the main window opens and can fit one SwatBot figure in the seat, and maybe has a little rope under it so it can tie up heroes or you can scale it etc.. Oh, and a Missile Launcher on each side.. it is deluxe after all.

DELUXE Freedom Fighter Hover Craft
¬Hey! If the Enemy has a Machine, the Hero always does! but they didn't use many in the show.. mm.. how to get around this.. as most toy makes would do, look over a few slides and stuff and Whoa! They are in a yellow Hover Craft.. It has a hatch.. Yep! Do that for the Hero.. Open the Window to fit one figure in side.. Stick a couple of hidden Missile launchers.. Why? Well.. again, they always had to have them.. Did the ghost busters have that kind of thing on the Ecto one? Nope, but the toy did ^_^ Same with the Turtle Van..

Well.. that would be a good Series One.. I've probably been a bit 'nicer' as a lot of toys from the day had stupid stuff made up just for the Toy range, where as I'm trying to be closer to the real thing then that.. But i think, as a child of the late 80s/90s (I get confused which I'm part of.. I guess 50-50 when you think about it) I believe i have put in a good job of showing it as it would be.. With Luck, I'll do some more later.. It would have been nice to do some mock up images but.. gonna have to save that for some day when i might have had some time to do them..
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Posted on 12 Nov 2010 by Manic Man

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