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Book Upload and Review
Well, I have now uploaded a copy of the Sonic the Hedgehog Paint N Marker Book. Really, this seams to be one of the rarer English lanuage Sonic books.. the the rarest, i think the Ladybird Colouring Poster book is a bit rarely, but it doesn't seam amazingly commion to find it. Two of the Pages i got WERE colouring in and i had to remove the colouring (Felt tip pens can be a pain) but i'm not gonna tell you which 2.. With luck, you won't be able to tell ^_^

I have also added my little Review of the Book. If anyone knows if the artist ISN'T art Mawhinney, tell me. It looks alot like his. He did alot of the Goldern Sonic Books, as well as being a Storyboard Artist for AOSTH and SatAM and working on the early Archie Sonic range.

ALSO (Yep, something else) the Search Engine now searchs Animation Cast Lists too. Which can be very useful. Of course, you could say there are a some problems because of it.. but they aren't bad, if anything, they are good things ^_^ Enjoy!
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Posted on 14 May 2010 by Manic Man

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