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Welcome to TESP!, The Emerald Star Post. Here we aim to give you all the stuff you were need for your Classic Sonic habit, and when we say Classic, we mean the Best of the Blue Furred Hedgehog himself, From his first game in 1991 to his last Cartoon show in 1999. Not only do we give you all this information on All his Games, Cartoons, Books & Comics, but we are collecting a database of information on all merchandise for him, from T-shirts and Jigsaws, to badges and Modern 'Retro' gear.
We also try to give you more like Articles from comics and Mags about the Blue one and his friends, and Articles made by TESP Staff members, to Our own Oringal games and works! Something here we don't have that you want? Check out the Contact Page and tell us! we will be happy to do our best to help out! Just put your mouse cursor on the menu bar above to see the sub-menu of all the pages in that categorie has.
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New year... one to go huh?
2009... mmm.. oh well.. Yet again i can say it probebly wasn't the best of years, but at the same time, alot of good things did happen.. Found out about the German Sonic Audios and all three have been added to the site. A number of manuals, books etc have gone up.. in fact, a ALOT of stuff has gone up on the TESP side of things.

On the TSW side.. not so nice.. Let see.. Due to a MAJOR computer crash, alot of files were lost.. including my almost ready for release Sonic Printable Action Figure.. i guess i can get around to restarting the whole project some time... oh well..

Did anything TSW releated get released? No.. i'm not happy about that.. why hasn't it? Mixture of things.. 1) Harddrive crash, 2) I don't really go on about the fact i have a small problem with depression and that this crash has, for some reason, stopped me from being able to get into the mood to do much.. 3) TSW Cast was pretty much cut down to about 3 people. I have been able to get 3 people maybe back though.. X-tream and the comic are kinda on hold until anything else is said..

TSWA episodes might take a while cause of casting problems and trying to get into the mood for things.. Though on the audio side, things should REALLY pick up.. Whirlwinds story is looking very good right now, with Bluedude himself doing a pretty good Oringal Theme Song which he should be recording this month. Due to a number of problems, I'm thinking of calling off most of Series 1 of TSWA.. Cutting the number of episodes down BUT keeping the stories and doing them as animated specials.. i did a pilot to see if an animated series was possible.. it said yes.. i try a full series, it hasn't turned out due to problems.. so maybe short specials and mini-series would work out better..

In Sonic news. a number of intresting things came out in 2009. Set of 3 Sonic Vinyl Status, the large status, the 3 small mini figures, 4 new plushies, Metal Sonic figure, Metal Sonic small figure, a bunch of other stuff i either haven't gotten information to put on TESP yet or i have but aren't important enought to remember to say about here ^_^ Sonic nice bags too..

For 2010? Some nice Sonic stuff should be coming out, like the Chess set, there also should be some good TSW stuff and a alot of stuff here on TESP, though we are running out of stuff to be able to put here i fear, which is one reason for adding more and more information.. I hope to have a location information page some time, which will give information on locations and levels in the games, and probebly do the same for comics and animations ^_^ Lets hope this year is pretty good.. Should be 10 comfirmed years of TESP this year. Enjoy yourselves!
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Posted on 02 Jan 2010 by Manic Man

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