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Music of two kinds
Okay, Uploaded the last of the music i have been going though.. I wonder how many games i haven't got the music for yet? anyway.. It's Sonic Chaos! (Sonic & Tails in Japan). You will notice that it is for Both Master System and Game Gear and has some files twice.<br /><br />well.. As you know, Basicly all the Master System was was a Port of the Game Gear games. Because of the system set up, a Game Gear was basicly just a portable Master System, there were very little diffences in the Consoles hardware. The Problem with this is what reason is there to buy the Master System or it's games if you have a Game Gear? This was probbly the main reason for some of the changes done on some games. From the Game information, you will already notice some screen differences. The Sonic and Tails images from the title Screen were changed (for the worst in my view) and the Master System version lose the checkboard background. Problem here is notice the release dates? The master system version of this game came first! Well, you will then figure out it was 'improved' for Game Gear Release.. The Sound track was changed a bit in places. Extra sounds were added/removed and of course, the screen size was changed a bit (mostly by showing you more of the screen or showing you a bit less, depening on point of view.<br />You will notice there are only 6 tracks that differ between versions. Not enought to mean i would have two sets, both with a bunch of the very same tracks from the other version.<br /><br />What is the most intresting thing is which having more sounds (maybe due to better sound board, which i don't think was the case from the hardware details) would make sense, tracks like the intro music was completely changed. Reason? no clue.. Eitherway, Enjoy this soundtrack! Really, nothing Beats King Masa's Score from Sonic 1 & 2 but this game still had a pretty good score.<br />
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Posted on 02 May 2008 by Manic Man

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