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Sonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble] title Screen
Sonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble] US CaseSonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble] UK CaseSonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble] JP Case
Sonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble]
SEGA of Japan
Japan-11 November, 1994
Europe-November, 1994
United States-November, 1994
2D Platformer
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Sonic The Hedgehog
Miles ` Tails ` Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Nack the weasel [Fang the Sniper]
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
Metal Sonic
Dr. Eggman, having finally procured the six Chaos Emeralds, proceeds to conduct experiments to harness their power for the ultimate weapon. Unfortunately for him (and luckily for the rest of the world), one of the experiments goes awry, and the resulting explosion sends five of the six Emeralds flying across the globe. Eggman quickly initiates a recovery operation, but it so happens that all-purpose good guys Sonic and Tails have got wind of the explosion, and are already on the case collecting intelligence as to the whereabouts of the scattered Emeralds. The do-gooders, however, are one step behind Knuckles the Echidna, who has located the missing jewels and hidden them away in order to protect them from the ambitions of the nefarious Sonic. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this hullabaloo, an opportunistic treasure hunter named Fang the Sniper has picked up news of the lost Emeralds. He bets that while Sonic and Eggman are busy going the rounds with each other, he'll be able to swipe the jewels from right under their collective nose.
From:- Japanese Manual (Translated)
European & American
While the evil genius Dr. Robotnik is testing the ultimate destructive weapon, one of his assistants makes a big mistake. The resulting explosion scatters five of the Chaos Emeralds across the planet Mobius and sets off a high-speed emerald hunt!
Our Hunter Heroes
Sonic: Otherwise known as Sonic the Hedgehog, the blur of blue with an attitude, and the hero of Mobius. He's quick of wit and fleet of feet. Whenever the peaceful world of Mobius is threatened, he's the hedgehog to call.
"Tails": This little fox got his nickname because of his two tails. The other animals used to tease him until he became friends with Sonic and learned to use his tails to fly. He idolizes Sonic, and follows him everywhere.
The Triple Trouble
Dr. Robotnik: This bad egg is trouble incarnate, always stirring up problems for the inhabitants of Mobius with his latest twisted schemes. The doctor has one of the Chaos Emeralds, and he thinks he knows the perfect way to get the other five emeralds back and keep that meddling hedgehog and his fox friend from interfering.
Knuckles: Knuckles the Echidna was the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds on the Floating Island. He's strong and smart. Like Sonic, he knows how to Spin Dash. He can also Power Glide through the air, and when he uses his knuckles to tunnel and climb, there's no place he can't go. Dr. Robotnik has tricked him into thinking that Sonic and "Tails" are out to steal the Chaos Emeralds, and Knuckles is determined to stop them.
Nack the Weasel: Nack the Weasel is a treasure hunter who is after the Chaos Emeralds. Though he doesn't know the true power of the emeralds, he thinks those big pretty jewels will score a handsome price on the market. And the easiest way to get them is to steal them from someone else. He may not be as fast as the others, but he's tricky, and has a speedy little air-bike to help him get around.
From:- UK & US Manuals
Each Level has 3 Acts
1) Great Turquoise Zone
1) Great Turquoise Zone
2) Sunset Park Zone
2) Sunset Park Zone
3) Meta Junglira Zone
3) Meta Junglira Zone
4) Robotnik Winter Zone
4) Robotnik Winter Zone
5) Tidal Planet Zone
5) Tidal Planet Zone
6) Atomic Destory Zone
6) Atomic Destory Zone
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Game Sprites
Fang the Sniper Sprites
'Sonic & Tails 2' Japanese
'Sonic & Tails 2' Japanese-Subbtitled
Sonic Triple Trouble Score
* When this game was release outside of Japan, it was renamed 'Sonic Triple Trouble' and a lot of the tile screen graphics were changed. The Gold Ring and blue background stayed but the Banner and title was changed, the Press start was changed from the bottom of the screen, to replace 'The Hedgehog' in while flashing as well as the 2 being removed. The Sonic and Tails images were both removed and replaced with a Different Sonic, that took up the whole space (It seams a lot like the old Sonic image apart from the arm and hand). Knuckles was then put on the screen and animated to walk onto the screen and laugh. You could still play as either Sonic or Tails however.
The Lost Features
Snipers Do what they do best
This shot shows Fang aiming his gun to fire it. Despite his name being 'Fang the Sniper', this shot never appears in the final game. It was unknown why it was removed but possibly because it wasn't allowed for the games rating for children
Jet Set Snipers
Early on in it's creation, SoA had yet to decide on the name for Sonic & Tails 2.. Since the first one had been translated as 'Sonic Chaos', This second one was called Sonic Chaos 2. At this stage, it seams Fang (AKA Nack) had a different name. He was Jet the Sniper! It also seamed that Sonic was to have a powerful attack known as the 'Super Strike Attack' which doesn't seam to have made it into the final version.
Green Hill?
As seen in the Fang shots, there seams to be something up with the level. It appears that there was to be a level which looks like a mixture of Great Turquoise (Level 1) and Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone and even Palmtree Panic from Sonic CD. Since Fan is shown a fair bit in this level, it seams unlikely it was to be the first level in the game, but the design as seen, has some bits in common with act 2 of Great Turquoise
3D Game Gear!
An early short piece on the upcoming Sonic Chaos 2 says there will be a “mega 3D Special stage” and this image seams to show it. The Special stage in question seams to be Sonic riding a rocket or using Rocket Shoes, from the back view where he would probably have to gather the above a set number of things that came towards him.
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