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Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine title Screen
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine US CaseDr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine UK Case
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Europe-? November 1993
United States-? November 1993
2D Puzzle
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Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
European & American
These Beans Need Your Help!
Dr Robotnik, that malicious master mind of planet Mobius, is always coming up with new ways to menace the world and its inhabitants. Witness his latest plan - the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine, which changes the jolly folk of Beanville into robot slaves that will help the deranged doctor rid Mobius of music and fun forever!

Robotnik's henchbots are rounding up all the unfortunate bean folk they can find and grouping them together in dark dungeons. Once four or more beans are put in a group, they are teleported to the Mean Bean Machine and a horrible fate!

Here's where you come in. You can group the bean folk and allow them to escape! However, there is only a short amount of time before the dungeon overfills and bursts open. To make things worse, the henchbots have noticed you, and are trying to find ways to short-circuit your plans for good!

It's a dungeon-to-dungeon battle between you and Robotnik's henchbot jailers! You must move quickly and set up strategies to bust each enemy's dungeon wide open. It you succeed, you'll be send up the line to deal with the wilier henchbots, and eventually with that rotten Robotnik himself!

The beans are counting on you!
From:- UK & US Manuals
Each Character is a Different Skill Level
1) Arms
1) Arms
2) Frankly
2) Frankly
3) Humpty
3) Humpty
4) Coconuts
4) Coconuts
5) Davy Sprocket
5) Davy Sprocket
6) Skweel
6) Skweel
7) Dynamight
7) Dynamight
8) Grounder
8) Grounder
9) Spike
9) Spike
10) Sir Ffuzzy-Logik
10) Sir Ffuzzy-Logik
11) Dragon Breath
11) Dragon Breath
12) Scratch
12) Scratch
13) Dr Robotnik
13) Dr Robotnik
Level Codes- Note B=Blue,G=Green,P=Purple,R=Red,Y=Yellow,C=Colourless, H=Has Bean (The Orange star-shaped Bean)
RRRH - Level 2 Easy
HCYY - Level 2 Normal
GCYY - Level 2 Hard
BBGY - Level 2 Hardest
CPCG - Level 3 Easy
BCRY - Level 3 Normal
YCPC - Level 3 Hard
GYGC - Level 3 Hardest
RCHY - Level 4 Easy
YBCP - Level 4 Normal
BGCP - Level 4 Hard
PPRH - Level 4 Hardest
CBBP - Level 5 Easy
HGBY - Level 5 Normal
RPGG - Level 5 Hard
GRPB - Level 5 Hardest
CRCP - Level 6 Easy
GPPY - Level 6 Normal
YYCG - Level 6 Hard
PCGY - Level 6 Hardest
PYRB - Level 7 Easy
PBGH - Level 7 Normal
PCBB - Level 7 Hard
BPGH - Level 7 Hardest
YGPH - Level 8 Easy
GHCY - Level 8 Normal
CYHY - Level 8 Hard
CPSY - Level 8 Hardest
YPHB - Level 9 Easy
BPHH - Level 9 Normal
PBBG - Level 9 Hard
PGHC - Level 9 Hardest
RYCH - Level 10 Easy
HRYC - Level 10 Normal
CGRY - Level 10 Hard
GBYH - Level 10 Hardest
GPBC - Level 11 Easy
CRRB - Level 11 Normal
BYYH - Level 11 Hard
GPHR - Level 11 Hardest
RHHY - Level 12 Easy
GGCY - Level 12 Normal
GCCB - Level 12 Hard
RGHB - Level 12 Hardest
YHBB - Level 13 Easy
PYHC - Level 13 Normal
HCPH - Level 13 Hard
RRCY - Level 13 Hardest

Game Genie Codes
RegionCheat NameCode
AmericanStart on Stage 2 (Scenario Mode) AW9A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 3 (Scenario Mode) A09A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 4 (Scenario Mode) A49A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 5 (Scenario Mode) A89A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 6 (Scenario Mode) BC9A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 7 (Scenario Mode) BG9A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 8 (Scenario Mode) BL9A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 9 (Scenario Mode) BR9A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 10 (Scenario Mode) BW9A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 11 (Scenario Mode) B09A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 12 (Scenario Mode) B49A-AAH8
AmericanStart on Stage 13 (Scenario Mode) B89A-AAH8
AmericanRefugee Beans are Disabled ALNT-AA66
AmericanRefugee Beans come in Small Amounts VWNT-AAHE
AmericanRefugee Beans come in Larger Amounts ERNT-AAHE
AmericanRefugee Beans come in Large Amounts C8NT-AAHE
* This Game was an english port of the game 'Puyo Puyo', part of a long running series of games (starring lead character 'Arle Nadja'). For some reason it was believed that the game wouldn’t sell that well on it's own merits so they added AOSTH Characters to sell it overseas with some small changes. This happened again when Nintendo released a version under the name 'Kirby's Avalanche'/'Kirby's Ghost Trap')
Other Releases
Release date:- Unknown
Area: - France
Company:- Sega
* A French case has been seen and was probably used on reissues (Given the 'new style' design), even though the European release already had French support (as normal). This has a small change to the title (Dr. Robotnik and his mean bean Machine) and the back text explains about it's game play and features, gives two small reviews, and says about it is on MegaDrive, Master System AND Game Gear. There is also a completely new image used on the front of the case.
Release date:- Unknown
Area: - Korea
Company:- Samsung
* This Korean release was released as with most Megadrive games, by the Korean company Samsung. Pretty much follows the standard boxart but without normal framing.
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