King Cyberooski
Race- Mip?
Nationally- Micro Mobion

First Apperance- Sonic On Mars (32X)
Creator- Chris Senn
King Cyberooski is the Leader of the Mips, a race that lives in the computerises miniworld of MicroMobius. When Robotnik tried to Invade their world, they spend a message of help to anyone would could help them. It was picked up by Sally and the gang who were then captured by Robotnik. Sonic followed and after the gang was spend into MicroMobius, he joined them to help save King Cyberooski and the Mips. The King`s Daughter, Princess Tiara Cyberooski, helped Sonic save her father and all of MicroMobius.
Sonic On Mars [MegaDrive]
Total Game Apperances: 1