Battle ` Speedy ` Kukku 16th [Battle ` Speedy ` Bird 16th]
Race- Bird
Age- 15
Nationally- Unknown

First Apperance- Tails Adventure (Game Gear)- 1995
Working as one of the leaders of the Battle Bird Empire, Battle `Speedy` Kukku 16th is the young son of Ultimate leader Great Battle Kukku and is noted for his speed. When the Battle Bird Empire attacked Cocoa Island looking for the Chaos emeralds and to take over, Speedy Kukku travels down to the Island to help take it over, but met up with Tails a couple of times.
* Battle Kukku 16th is of course, the son of Battle Kukku 15th
* Kukku means Bird in Japanese
Tails Adventure [GameGear]
Total Game Apperances: 1