Doll Tails
Race- Robot Fox (Advance Badnik)
Age- N/A
Nationally- N/A

First Apperance- Sonic R (Saturn)- 1996
Creator- Yuji Uekawa (?)
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Doll Tails was a Stuff Toy version of Tails used as a Counterpart Racer in Sonic R. He hasn`t appeared since that or before that. It is Believed he was in fact a Robot created by Dr Robotnik since the other counterpart Characters are Robot Copies (Apart from there isn`t a counterpart to Amy, unless you count Robotnik that has his own Counterpart)
* Unlike what he did for Sonic & Knuckles, Robotnik did not create a Robot version of Tails that copied his Powers and strengths as `Doll Tails` doesn`t seam to have much in common with Tails at all, apart from his look.
* This character is mostly known by the fan name of `Teddy Tails` but this is technical wrong and the game files refer to him as `Doll Tails`
Total Game Apperances: 0