Metal Sonic Mk2
Race- Robot Hedgehog (Advance Badnik)
Age- N/A
Nationally- N/A

First Apperance- Sonic & Knuckles (MD)- 1994
Creator- Satoshi Yokokawa (?)
Created by Dr Robotnik, This Metal Sonic was a far cry from its predecessor. Unlike the Original Metal Sonic which was designed to be fast to beat Sonic in a race, this one was more closely based on his Robotic Death Egg Guardian. When Sonic and Tails met him, Metal Sonic Mk2 was in the Sky Sanctuary Zone of the Floating Island and first attacked them with machines based on old ones used by Robotnik himself, but when these failed, he went for a one on one attack, but in no time, Sonic and Tails were able to defeat him and enter the rebuild Death Egg. When Knuckles fought him (either before or after or neither), He seamed to rebel partly and destroyed the Egg-robo that had taunted Knuckles. It then engaged in a battle with Knuckles. When he was defeated, He used the power of the Master Emerald to become `Super Metal Sonic` and attack Knuckles with new found powers, but he quickly lost power and needed to recharge, giving Knuckles time to attack and in the end, defeat him and save the Master Emerald. Now defeated for good, Robotnik went back to his older design.
* This is a completely different Metal Sonic and only appears in Sonic and Knuckles (Or Sonic 3 And Knuckles if locked on). He uses different machines based on those used by Robotnik, first from Sonic 1 and then Sonic 2 before he fights himself.
* When Fighting Knuckles, This metal Sonic shows he can use the Master Emerald and turns into a Super version of himself.
Sonic & Knuckles [MegaDrive]
Sonic Jam [Saturn]
Sonic & Knuckles Collection [PC]
Total Game Apperances: 3