Race- Robot
Age- N/A
Nationally- N/A

First Apperance- Chaotix (MegaDrive)- 1995
We really know very little about Heavy. He is one of Robotnik`s Robots and his Chief Mechanic on Carnival Island. With Bomb, he claims to have escaped from Robotnik and wants to help free the island, but a lot of doubt it left as to if they are really there to help or they want to slow Knuckles and his friends down. He is very slow and very heavy.

Heavy only appears in one game, Chaotix, and is not playable as the main character but only as secondary character.
* There is a bit of debate over how many `Heavy`s there are as the Combi Catcher shows 3 Heavy`s (Each one in the Catcher is meant to be a character trapped in the tube by Robotnik. In the Western Manuals, it says there is only one Heavy and he turned to work as Robotnik`s Chief Mechanic, but then turned against his master, though it is hinted he might still be working for Robotnik. It is more hinted that he might still be working for Robotnik as he is not a selectable character on the main screen.
Chaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] [MegaDrive]
Total Game Apperances: 1