Vector the Crocodile
Race- Crocodile
Age- 16
Nationally- Unknown (JP) / Floating Islander (Western)

First Apperance- Chaotix (MegaDrive)- 1995
Creator- Naoto Ohsima (BigIsland)(?)
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Very little is known about Vector. He is a Crocodile that listens to music on his walkman all the time and seams to be pretty easy going. He was one of the Animals living on the Floating Island that was captured by Dr Robotnik, and then saved by Knuckles
* Vector was taken from the design (and it seams the name) of a Crocodile member of Sonic Band, and idea removed from Sonic 1.
Chaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] [MegaDrive]
Total Game Apperances: 1