Games- Sonic Spinball (MD), Sonic Spinball (GG), Sonic Spinball (MS)
Levels- The Machine
Boss Type-
Forebots fly up and down a set location, possibly overseeing things (as the Game Gear name hints). Like most of the Badniks in spinball, they don't openly attack but wait for you to come to them.
~ The Correct MegaDrive name of his badnik is unknown. 'Forebot' is what it is called in the Game Gear manual (which misnames some of the badniks) but no name is given for the MegaDrive version. The name 'Buster' is taken from the ingame message 'Buster Bustered' when you destory the badnik. However, this also appears when destroying a Krondor badnik, so it's not the name of the badnik, but use as a term.