Mutant BuzzBomber [Wasp]
Games- Sonic Spinball (MD), Sonic Spinball (GG), Sonic Spinball (MS)
Levels- ShowDown
Boss Type- Badnik
The Mutant BuzzBombers just hang around like Krondors, waiting for something to come close for it to it.
~ This Badnik appears to have no Official name, so a Fan name has been used, However, it is based on the BuzzBomber design from the SatAM Pilot, so it seams likely it is meant to just be a BuzzBomber, but due to appearance being SOO different, we are treating them as different.
~ Gear Gear Version of this badnik is refered to as 'Wasp' but this isn't taken to be the official name as they also refer to the Krondor as 'Vulture'