Buzz Bomber (ビートソ - Bītoso)
Games- Sonic 1 (MD), Sonic 1 (GG), Sonic 1 (MS), Sonic 1 (Tiger Watch), Sonic`s Schoolhouse (PC)
Levels- Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Bridge Zone
Boss Type- Badnik
Buzz Bombers Fly a little distance from the ground stopping once and a while to shoot a energy ball when a Target is in range.
~ The English name of `Buzz Bomber` seams to comes from the WW2 German weapon the `Fieseler Fi 103`, also known as the V-1 Flying Bomb. These were used mostly against the UK where they would fly over making a `Buzz` noise. This lead to them being called the `Doodlebug` or (due to the buzzing sound) the `BuzzBomb`. However, it also comes partly from the name of them being a bee