Sega MegaDrive / Genesis
CPU: Motorola 68000 16-Bit Processor @ 7.67 MHz
Graphics:Sega Custom VDP
512 Colour Palette
64 OnScreen Colours At Once
80 Maximum OnScreen Sprites
320X224 Screen Resolution
Sound:Z80A @ 3.58 MHz
6 Channel FM Yamaha YM-2612
4 Channel Programmable Sound Generator
14dB Signal to Noise Ratio
RAM:64KBit Work RAM
64Kbytes Video RAM
64x9 Bits Colour RAM
8KBytes Sound RAM
ROM:1Mbyte (8-Mbit)
Outputs and Ports:Seperate RF and RGB Output Jacks with Composite Video Support
3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack (Original Model Only)
9 Pin D RS232 Socket (Early Original Model Only)
X2 9 Pin D Sockets for Control Pads
AC Power Inlet
Expansion Edge Connector
Sega MegaCD / SegaCD
CPU: Motorola 68000 16-Bit Processor @ 12.5 MHz
Runs in Sync with MegaDrive CPU
RAM: 6Mbit (Program, Picture Data & Sound Data)
512Kbits PCM Wave Form Memory
128Kbit CDRom Cache
64Kbit Backup Memory
Boot ROM: 1Mbit
CD Player Software
CD+G Compatability
Graphics: Sega Custom AIC
Hardware Sprite Scaling and Rotation
Sound: PCM Sound Source
8 Channel Stereo
32KHz Maxium Wavelength Sampling
D/A Convertor: 16 Bit D/A Convertor
8X Internal Over-Sampling Digital Filter
PCM and CD Sound Mixing
Audio Characteristics: 20Hz to 20KHz Wavelength Characteristic
Over 80dB (1KHz)(Line Out) Singal v. Noise Ratio (S/N)
Over 90dB Stero Channel Seperation
CD Drive Unit: 12Cm x 8cm CD Diameter
Counter-Clockwise Rotational Direction (Relative to the side Opposite from the label
0.8 Sec Average Access Time
Sega MegaDrive 32X
CPU: 2 SH2 @23Mhz
RAM: 2Mbit
Video RAM: 2Mbit
Graphics VDP: Custom LSI
50,000 Polygons per Second
Texture Mapping
32,786 Colours
256 Colours onScreen
Video Overlay with MegaDrive
Video Output: Video / RF / RGB
Sound: Pulse Width Modulation Sound Source