Adventure Gamebook 6- Stormin Sonic Cover
Adventure Gamebook 6- Stormin Sonic
Marc Gascoigne and Jonathan Green
Adventure GameBook
Fantail (Part of the Penguin Group)
Back Cover Teaser
Storm clouds over Mobius
Sonic and his pals he never seen anything like it. All the Zones are being affected by a mysterious weather egg creating climate chaos wherever it goes. Only you and Sonic can save Mobius from a weather wipeout.
Use your Skill, Luck and Stamina to help Sonic in this amazing gamebook Adventure
As the red shape speeds towards him, Sonic prepares to catch it. Just too late, the hedgehog realizes who it is. 'Aw No! No! Not him!' he yells unhappily. Oh yes. Knuckles, the red-dreaded echinda (the two of you who don't know what an 'echinda' is can look at the drawing opposite, and will at once realize that it is a spiny anteater), slams down on top of Sonic the Hedgehog at great speed, knocking him flat. Cross off all Sonic's Rings (or a life if he has no rings left).

'Ow, ow gerroff!' Sonic splutters, with his face in the mud.

'With pleasure, hedgehog!' Knuckles snarls. 'I might have known you were behind all this!'

'What are you talking about?' Sonic snaps, pulling himself to his feet and trying to wipe off the worst of the mud.

'Not that's it's any of your business, but a mega-volt bolt of lighting from a huge cloud ripped open a hole between the dimensions, blasting me off my floating island and down on to this miserable part of Mobius - and i bet it's all your doing, you worthless worm-eater! While I'm down here, who's going to guard the Chaos Emeralds?'

With that, the angry echinda leaps at Sonic, ready to punch his lights out! Sonic must fight Knuckles, who has a rating of 9, using his strength. If Sonic wins the fight, turn to 17. If Knuckles wins, turn to 84