Cast & Crew
Jaleel White <-> Sonic Hedgehog, Sonia Hedgehog, Manic Hedgehog, The Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehog
Gail Webster <-> Queen Aleena
Gary Chalk <-> Dr Robotnik, Good Robotnik
Maurice LaMarche <-> Sleet, Great Grandfather Athair, Additional Voices
Peter Wilds <-> Dingo
Ian James Corlett <-> Cyrus, Knuckles Echinda, Additional Voices
Matt Hill <-> Additional Voices
Phil Hayes <-> Sir Bartleby MonClaire, Additional Voices
Terry Klassen <-> Additional Voices
Kathleen Barr <-> Additional Voices
Brian Drummond <-> Strips, Additional Voices
Rob Paulsen <-> Additional Voices
Frank Welker <-> Additional Voices
Samuel Vincent <-> Sonic Hedgehog - Singing Only
Louise Vallance <-> Sonia Hedgehog - Singing Only
Tyley Ross <-> Manic Hedgehog - Singing Only
Blue Mankuma <-> Additional Voices
Tabitha St.Germain <-> Additional Voices
Merrilyn Gann <-> Additional Voices
Adrian Hughes <-> Additional Voices
Cusse Mankum <-> Additional Voices
Lee Tockar <-> Additional Voices
Pat Allee <-> Writer
Eleanor Burian-Mohr <-> Writer
Ben Hurst <-> Writer
Terence Taylor <-> Writer
Len Janson <-> Writer
Mark Edens <-> Writer
Laren Bright <-> Writer
William A. Ruiz <-> Script Assistant
Michael Walsh <-> Script Assistant
Ben Hurst <-> Story Editor
Pat Allee <-> Story Editor
Michael Edens <-> Story Editor
Andy Heyward <-> Executive Producer, Creative Supervisor
Michael Maliani <-> Executive Producer, Creative Supervisor
Robby London <-> Executive Producer
Doug Booth <-> Story Editor
Janice Sonski <-> Senior Producer
Phil Harnage <-> Development Consultant
Marc Boreal <-> Director
Francois Hemmen <-> Director
Daniel Sarriet <-> Director
Jane Thompson <-> Creative Consultant
Cynthia Wilkes <-> Creative Consultant
Daniel Schwall <-> Executive in charge of production- Les Studios Tex S.A.R.L.
Stacey Gallishaw <-> Executive in charge of production
Emily Wensel <-> Production Supervisor
Shannon Nettleton <-> Associate Producer
Cary Biren <-> Production Coordinator
Jennifer Cheng <-> Production Coordinator
William C. Turner <-> Production Coordinator
Claire Farges <-> Production Coordinator
Richard Wolf <-> Production Coordinator
Belen Ramirez <-> Production Coordinator
Lynn McLaughlin <-> Assistant to Executive Producers
Chris Ivy Miller <-> Assistant to Executive Producers
Pam Vincent <-> Assistant to Executive Producers
Michel Trouillet <-> Voice Director
Renee Toporzysek <-> Director of Research
Jay Bryant <-> Research Assistant
Annie Amar <-> Production Controller
Kathy Wong <-> Production Controller
Digit 352 <-> Pre-production Services
Stephan Roelants <-> Production Manager
David Degrands <-> Art Director
Laurence Gavroy <-> Color Designs
Pascal Gerard <-> Color Designs
Valerie Willem <-> Color Designs
David Cantero <-> Model Design
Steffan Dutoo <-> Model Design
Pascal Haillot <-> Model Design
Antonio Canobblo <-> Model Design
Pierre Gadisseur <-> Model Design
Gilles Rudziak <-> Model Design
Remy Brenot <-> Storyboard Artist
Tom Findrick <-> Storyboard Artist
Monica Matten <-> Storyboard Artist
Eteinne Wilem <-> Storyboard Artist
Jean-Mathias Xavier <-> Storyboard Artist
Arles Animation <-> Layout Services
Talia Achour <-> Layouts
Thomas Allart <-> Layouts
Helene Barbaroux <-> Layouts
Jeremie Bonachera <-> Layouts
Florence Demaret <-> Layouts
Robert Gheyssens <-> Layouts
Laurence Liconnet <-> Layouts
Theirry Nicouleau <-> Layouts
Sil Potter <-> Layouts
Theirry Sauvage <-> Layouts
Bruno Vacaro <-> Layouts
Francois Vataux <-> Layouts
Alain Besson <-> Layouts
Jean Michel Bonnet <-> Layouts
Jean Herbert Faussat <-> Layouts
Stephane Hamon <-> Layouts
Claudy Monfort <-> Layouts
Jean Palenstijin <-> Layouts
Francis Sapin <-> Layouts
Michael Tognotti <-> Layouts
Yann Valeani <-> Layouts
Nicolas Viegelot <-> Layouts
My Chatterton <-> Storyboard Slugging
Isao Nago <-> Sheet Timer
Mike Stribling <-> Sheet Timer
Les Studios De Saint-Ouen <-> Video and Audio Post Production
Gregory Bowron <-> Artistic Director
Nadia Ameziane <-> Post Production Supervisor
Pascal Gaugry <-> Video Editor
Carine Manicastri <-> Video Editor
Karyn Ulman <-> Music Supervisor
Alain Feat <-> Music and Sound Editor
Charles Autran <-> Music and Sound Editor
Patrick Beraud <-> Music and Sound Editor
Anne-Cecile Vergnaud <-> Music and Sound Editor
Armelle Mahe <-> Music and Sound Editor
Barbara Bascou <-> Music and Sound Editor
Pascale Langiert <-> Assistant Sound Editor
Francois Colin <-> Mixer
William Schmit <-> Mixer
Philippe Amouroux <-> Mixer
Studios de Saint-Ouen <-> Auditorium
Tele Europe <-> Color Grading
Hong Ying Animation Company Limited <-> Animation Producer
Milimetros, S.A. (Madrid-Spain) <-> Main Title Animation
Jean Cheville <-> Auteur